Q: What is Loving the Void?

A: Loving the Void is a podcast where I, Jamiel Al Khaja, reignite my passion for Art, Music, Movies & Culture while living through this void we call the darkness, the mystery beyond the veil and the fear of the unknown (MACRO) and dealing with my own personal void of depression, anxiety & childhood trauma (micro).

Q: How can I reach you and can I be on the podcast?

A: Email me at lovingthevoidwithjamiel@gmail.com . Sure…why not. Write me your interests and we’ll see what’s poppin’.

Q: Can we collaborate?

A: Ab-So-Lootly. I love writing, sculpture, creating moving images & sounds, painting, you name it! If you’re super serious gimme your deets, let’s connect and I will mail you an art zine package for free to kick things off.

Q: Who would you love to speak to, for the podcast?

A: Anyone I can learn from & vice versa . . . No? . . . Not good enough? Oh oh OKay, I get it… you need me to be more specific right? Heh well sure (you should’ve been more specific!): Artists, Scientists & Seekers of all kinds, in all fields (especially performance artists who are really missing an audience). People from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, persuasions & inclinations and especially anyone who feels they think & feel in a manner that’s antithetical to myself. Sometimes the best kind of growth can come from confronting tension, fear & discomfort.

Q: What is WRAS and why do you mention it so often?

A: WRAS – Atlanta (88.5 FM) was and is the 100,000 watt student run radio station operating out of the campus of GSU. I was not a fan of highschool. College is where I shined and came into my own. Working at WRAS, and the friendships I made, acted as the lighthouse to amplify my inner glow, my love of music. It was also a nexus point for me to meet interesting & exciting people and so a lot of guests are being culled, at least initially, from those old college radio daze.

Q: You mention ‘Whatever You Call It’ on some episodes dealing with music. What is that?

A: Whatever You Call It was the show I hosted from 2000 – 2004 and it featured genres like mathrock, progrock, emo, screamo, post-hardcore, art, instrumental & experimental rock. A guy named Brian Smith hosted it with me, initially, but then went away somewhere… I have no idea where he is now but would love to talk to him. 

Q: What record labels do you love?

A: I’ll try and be as succinct as possible: Cuneiform Records, Dischord Records, Touch and Go Records, Thrill Jockey, Drag City, Kill Rock Stars, Temporary Residence Limited, Mute Records, Warp, Merge Records, Drag City, Kranky, Secretly Canadian, Rough Trade Records, 4AD, Matador Records, Barsuk Records, Relapse Records, Southern Records, Constellation Records, Benbecula Records, Ghostly International, El Paraiso Records, Ninja Tune, Stones Throw Records, DFA Records, Tzadik Records, Slash Records, SST Records, Amphetamine Reptile Records, Mute, TVT & more.

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